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Website SEO Promotion

Now the only way to get quality traffic from Google is SEO.

As part of search engine promotion, you will receive:

Seo просування сайту

Stages of promoting your business

  • Conducting a complete analysis of the site.
  • Carrying out the analysis of the competitive environment in search delivery on inquiries.
  • Selection of queries that will take into account the optimization of landing pages.

At this stage, the collection of the complete semantic core, the systematization of key queries on the pages. This is necessary in order to form the structure of the site, create meta tags and titles, write unique texts, make the correct internal linking of the web resource.

Internal optimization errors include:

  • Incorrect keywords.
  • Meta tags and headings are misspelled.
  • Incorrect relinking
    Poorly composed CNC links.
  • The presence of duplicate pages.

Such errors can significantly affect search positions, so they need to be found and eliminated. To do this, you must conduct a SEO audit of the site.

In this step, new meta tags are created: title, which is the title of the page in the browser, and description, which is a short description of the page in search results. Also, taking into account the keywords, the titles are prescribed: primary – h1, secondary – h2 and h3. Then unique optimized texts are created taking into account the collected semantics and placed on the site.

The more people spend time on the site and the less often they leave the pages on the first visit, the better the behavioral performance of visitors. The system of determining the place of the web portal in search engines is designed in such a way that the first positions are given to sites with high user behavior.

Check the site for ease of use:

  • Clickability of elements.
  • Efficiency of feedback form.
  • Page navigation.
  • Website speed for mobile and desktops.
  • Availability of https certificate.
  • Preparing the site for use on mobile devices.
  • Correction of server response codes.
  • Verification and creation of official documents.
  • Remove duplicate pages.
  • Setting up 301 redirects, canonical links.
  • 404-page output settings.
  • Optimization of html-code of pages.
  • Internal relink settings.
  • Improving page design.

The credibility of the site, the trust of search engines depends on the number of quality links to the web resource. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the company’s visibility on the Internet. To do this, an anchor list and strategy are compiled, links are purchased on exchanges, and registration takes place in directories and catalogs.

Real timing of site promotion

Top ranking low-frequency keywords
The approximate term of bringing the site to the TOP of low-frequency semantics - from 3 months, depending on competition in the subject.
Top ranking midrange keywords
The approximate term of bringing the site to the TOP in terms of medium-frequency semantics is 3-6 months, depending on the competition in the subject.
Top ranking high frequency keywords
The approximate term of bringing the site to the TOP in high-frequency semantics is 6-12 months, depending on the competition in the subject.

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