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Targeted Facebook advertising is one of the most popular formats of advertising because it works for a specific target audience.
Using this type of promotion, you will be able to accurately reach the audience that needs your products and services, thanks to the large amount of information about users of social networks.


  • Access to a narrow audience most interested in your services;
  • Native posting on social networks;
  • Quick and easy testing of any hypotheses.
  • Visualization: You can display branding elements. By using targeted advertising, you promote your brand more effectively and make it recognizable;
  • Ability to apply more than 20 different parameters for the selection of CA, including the database of telephone numbers, geolocation and other narrow parameters.
  • According to statistics, the conversion from the use of the target is higher.

There are different options for setting up targeted advertising. You can specify the best geolocation of customers, their age, gender, specific interests and other characteristics. Targeted advertising allows you to use social media resources and data for your business purposes.

Work plan

  1. We study the niche. At this stage, we will study your competitors in detail, select the most suitable audience and study its interests;
  2. Make an effective promotion plan;
  3. We select the sites that are most suitable for you;
  4. We create advertisements with unique images, processed texts and carefully worded headlines;
  5. Detailed setting up and processing of the advertising campaign (interests, connections, location, gender, age, etc.);
  6. We evaluate the results and make adjustments;
  7. We conduct daily monitoring, optimize performance and improve ads.

Social networks we work with

We professionally set up advertising on all well-known social networks:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tik-Tok

We will help you choose the most appropriate social network for your purposes. And we are happy to talk about their differences and what should be given priority.


The cost of a click is formed as a result of the auction of the current social network. There are different payment options. Example:

  • pay per click PPC
  • pay for CPM impressions
  • pay for leads or certain CPA actions

There are also other types of pricing, which are formed based on the goals.

Why order settings from us?

We will help you

Fill out the form, provide your contact information, the desired nature of advertising and budget (optional). Our manager will contact you and advise you in detail. Order setup and targeting in Kyiv and get the necessary coverage of the audience and new customers.

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