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Google contextual ads are ads that appear to users based on their interests and search queries. Its main advantage is unobtrusiveness and accurate targeting.

How does it work?

Before buying anything, the buyer usually looks for the product he is interested in in the search bar of the browser. He compares prices, looking for benefits in the form of promotions, discounts, additional services, free shipping. It searches for goods and services in Google search.

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Stages of work

  • Discussion and development of individual promotion strategy most suitable for business;
  • Integration of analytical services;
  • Collect the semantic core to run an advertising campaign. Selection of the highest quality phrases that can attract leads;
  • Writing texts for ads and headlines, based on the collected data;
  • Analytics and optimization of advertising campaign costs, increasing clickability, reach and conversion.

The benefits of contextual advertising Google

Contextual advertising is a great tool for promoting any business. The main advantage is that it immediately falls into the field of view of the target audience. Competent advertising campaign:

  • Ensures high engagement of the audience, as people who follow the links are initially interested in finding the right information;
  • Tracking of complete conversion statistics, visual display of advertising costs;
  • Ability to edit and run ads at any time;
  • Low cost compared to other types of advertising.

Formats and types of contextual advertising

Depending on the marketing tools used, the following types of contextual advertising are distinguished:

  • Search engine – is displayed above and below the results of queries in the browser. The user receives a relevant offer at the right time;
  • Video advertising – placed on popular video hosting sites, integrated into the pages of information sites;
  • Media – located on thematic sites and news portals, combines both text and graphics;
  • Advertising for iOS and Android apps – This type of ad is displayed on mobile devices that are compatible with the product.

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